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At Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools we aspire to serve our communities by providing happy, secure and caring environments where all are valued and respected. We believe in the uniqueness of the individual and recognise the diversity and range of contributions that each can make.


We endeavour to provide high quality care and education using a nurturing approach within a challenging, creative, stimulating and mutually supportive environment where children are offered extended opportunities for learning, and enabled to develop the skills they require for living.


We aim to:

  • Have confident, happy, independent learners who enjoy coming to school

  • Unlock every child's potential via our child centred, key person approach

  • Meet the needs of parents and children by building trusting relationships

  • Encourage children to  play and learn alongside their peers; to learn to care for themselves, and in time for others

  • To be a place where children and adults learn together – finding out about the world through visits, visitors and new experiences

  • To celebrate success

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Warrington Road is committed to the safety of children at all times. We will offer to support families with any concerns they may have any safeguarding issues are always discussed with the parent / carer first, unless the allegation relates to sexual abuse. We will also seek advice from the local authority where appropriate. The designated person for safeguarding is Amanda Brown and the deputy designated person is Maraide Hurst. Claire Lomax is the designated officer for safeguarding. We have a range of policies which support us in keeping children safe. These include:


Safeguarding and child protection E safety Whistleblowing Achieving positive behaviour Children’s rights and entitlements Confidentiality Allegations against adults Information sharing.


If you require paper copies of any of the safeguarding documents please contact the officer Manager Mandie Crank


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We offer a flexible drop off and pick up for each session. This minimises the congestion in the entrance and corridor, and also allows you to time your journey so you can bring your child straight in rather than have to wait in the entrance.


Morning Session:


Drop off 9.00 - 9.15am

Pick up 11.45 - 12.00 noon.


Afternoon Session:


Drop off 12.45 - 1.00pm

Pick up 3.30 - 3.45pm

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​Teachers, Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Teaching Assistants work closely together as a team. The staffing ratio is 1:13.


The staff are:

Amanda Brown


Maraide Hurst

Assistant Headteacher/SENCO

Rebecca Chorley



Jane Storey


Karen Littler


Stefanie Blackburn


Deborah Statham


Nadia Given


Paula Shipley


Lianne Monteith

Casual Support Assistant

Tracy Johnston

Casual Support Assistant

Diane Blackburn

Casual Support Assistant

Nicola Stanners

Casual Support Assistant

Katy Middlehurst

Casual Support Assistant

Mandie Crank

Office Manager

Ian Oliver


We also have a number of students who will work with the children during the year. These include Teacher Training students who are on work based placements and pupils from local secondary schools on work experience.

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We regard every child as an individual with his/her own strengths and weaknesses. All children are equally valued and have access to all areas of the curriculum. All children have abilities which can be promoted. We provide a wide variety of resources to help us to extend their abilities at all levels.


If the nursery school believes that a child would benefit from special help this is discussed with the parents, so that appropriate action can be started. The school follows the Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs.


Below is the link to the SEND Local Offer for Halton




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The school aims to provide equality of opportunity for all children, whatever their ability, gender, ethnic group, religion or background.


We recognise the cultural diversity of our society. We introduce children to different cultures through stories, songs, pictures, dressing-up clothes and equipment. The children are taught some French and Spanish words and phrases. We aim to enable all children to respect and value other cultures, traditions and ways of life.