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Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools

Chair of Governing Body - Claire Lomax claire.lomax@halton.gov.uk 0151 511 8364


Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools -

Governing Body Members

Governing Body MemberAppointing BodyAppointed byTerm Start DateTerm End DateCommittee MemberPosition of ResponsibilityPecuniary Business InterestGovernor at Other SchoolRelationship to School Staff
Amanda BrownHeadteacherExofficio02/01/201802/01/2022Resources NoNoNo
Curriculum & Standards 
Claire LomaxLocal AuthorityLocal Authority02/01/201802/01/2022ResourcesChair GBNoNoNo
Headteacher PMData Protection
Maraide HurstStaff RepresentativeStaff02/01/201802/01/2022Resources NoNoNo
Curriculum & Standards 
Suzanne ElsonStaff RepresentativeStaff02/01/201802/01/2022Resources NoNoNo
Curriculum & Standards 
Clive HirdParent Representative Parent02/01/201802/01/2022Resources NoNoNo
Kaylee WebbParent Representative Parent02/01/201802/01/2022Curriculum & Standards NoNoNo
Barry QuinnCo-OptedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022Curriculum & StandardsVice Chair GBNoNoYes
 Health & Safety
Tamasine VickeryCo-OptedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022ResourcesChair RCNoNoNo
Headteacher PMSafeguarding
Eileen SteinCo-OptedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022Curriculum & StandardsChildren in CareNoYesNo
Headteacher PMSEN
Valerie ArmorCo-OptedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022Curriculum & StandardsChair C&SCNoYesNo
Headteacher PM 
Sharron BlackCo-OptedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022 Education VisitNoNoNo
Emma RedmondCo-OptedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022  NoNoNo
Tom McInerneyAssociatedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022Resources NoNoNo
Emma FentonAssociatedGoverning Body02/01/201802/01/2022Curriculum & Standards NoYesNo

The school governors meet once a term for a Fully Governing Body Meeting.

Committee meetings for Resources and Curriculumn & Standards consist of six members per committee and also meet once per term.

Terms of Reference Establishment Committees.pdf


Governor Attendance at Meetings 2016 - 2017.pdf

Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools Governor Attendance at Meetings 2017 - 2018.pdf

Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools Governor Attendance at Meetings 2017 - 2018.pdf


Governing Body Action Plan 2017 - 2018.pdf


Annual statement for Warrington Road Nursery 2017docx.pdf


The school governors also hold places on the Senior Management Team at Warrington Road Children's Centre.

Governors are available via the school for any parent who wishes more information or to discuss any issue.