warrington road nursery

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 Governing Body Member Appointing Body Appointed byTerm of Office Committee Member  Position of ResponsibilityPecuniary Business InterestGovernor  at Other SchoolRelationship to School Staff
Mrs Claire LomaxCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsStaffing Chair                  CIC SafeguardingNoNoNo
Premises & Finance
Headteacher Performance
Mr Stephen LoweCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsNANANoNoNo
Mrs Paula ClarkeCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsNANANoNoNo
Mrs Amanda BrownHeadteacherGoverning Body4 YearsStaffing NANoNoNo
Premises & Finance
Mrs Maraide HurstStaff RepresentativeStaff4 YearsStaffing NANoNoNo
Premises & Finance
Cllr Stan ParkerLocal AuthorityLocal Authority4 YearsPremises & FinanceMathsNoNoNo
Headteacher Performance
Cllr Tom McInerneyCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsStaffing NANoNoNo
Mrs Jennifer SpeakmanCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsNANANoNoNo
Mrs Valerie ArmorCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsStaffing NANoNoNo
Premises & Finance
Mr Clive HirdParent RepresentativeParents4 YearsPremises & FinanceN/ANoNoNo
Ms Emma RedmondCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsCurriculumVice ChairNoNoNo
Eileen SteinCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsN/AN/ANoNoNo
Mr Paul HodgkinsParent RepresentativeParents4 YearsStaffing NANoNoNo
VacancyCo-opted Governing Body4 YearsStaffing NANoYesNo


The school governors meet once a term for a Fully Governing Body Meeting.

Committee meetings for Staffing, Premises & Finance and Curriculumn consist of six members per committee and also meet once per term.

Terms of Reference Establishment Committees.pdf


Governor Attendance at Meetings 2016 - 2017.pdf

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2017 - 2018.pdf


Annual statement for Warrington Road Nursery 2017docx.pdf


The school governors also hold places on the Senior Management Team at Warrington Road Children's Centre.

Governors are available via the school for any parent who wishes more information or to discuss any issue.